Intermediate Tie Plate Long



BNM Hobbies Free-mo Intermediate Tie Plate Long or ITPL. (1 Piece)

These PCB parts were machined exclusively for us!

This piece is a single 6" long board that can be used to create an angled butt joint for any straight track crossing a module gap at an angle. This product is designed to be installed and fastened over the module gap and once in place, using a fine razor saw, cut to match the module angle. Once this is done, the track can be laid down over the Tie Plate as per our other Tie Plate products.

Like our the other more recent releases, the ITPL was designed and manufactured with the end spacers on them. This will provide a uniform space at the transition from your flex-track or hand-laid track onto the Tie Plate. These two full spacers, can be scored and snapped off if you don't want to use them.

During the manufacturing process, strict tolerances and finishes for the tie plates were requested and the tie plates should be able to be used as they received, however, please inspect the tie plate for a flat and flash free copper pad before use to ensure a snug fit. As one or two parts may have passed through the inspection process some filing may be necessary to cleanup the part.

Please note that these boards are designed to work with many different manufacturers of flex-track, all of which have different tie thicknesses. As such and by design, the PCB ITPL Tie Plate, most likely will need to be shimmed in order to get the ties of the ITPL as close as possible to the bottom of the rail before soldering. The shims will create a smooth level transition between the bottom of the rail and the road bed surface.

I have been thinking of offering shim Iits that will provide various thicknesses of styrene material, laser cut to the dimensions of the ITPL, for use with shimming the tie plate up to the bottom of the rail in order to keep the rails level with the ties on the flex track. It's simple enough to cut your own from styrene sheet, however, if your interested in purchasing shim kits directly, please contact me and express your interest in getting them.

This product qualifies for a discount of 10% if you purchase 10 or more; 15% if you purchase 30 or more and for quantities in excess of 50 pieces I can offer a 20 % discount. Discount will be applied at checkout time. This product isn't eligible for Group Discounts or Sales Coupons.

For detailed information on how the tie plates are used, installed, etc... See: New England Free-mo Loop Build on Railroad-Line Forum

For more information on Free-mo / FREMO, the associated standards and links to regional Free-mo / FREMO groups in your area, please visit for Free-mo in the US, Canada and Australia or for FREMO in Europe.

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